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ENCORE-eBIS was designed with stock control as one of its key elements. It allows the user a great deal of flexibility in the way stock is handled and gives you fast and accurate stock information. Among the features of stock control are:

  • 15 position alpha-numeric stock reference
  • Allows stock to be recorded at multiple locations and, within each location, in multiple bins
  • Records physical stock, on order, allocated and free stock levels - all by location
  • Min/Max stock levels plus re-order level and quantity can be recorded if required
  • Allows package variants and alternative stock references
  • Displays usage per period for current and previous financial years
  • Allows multiple suppliers per stock item, with a supplier/ manufacturers stock code and barcode plus cost price/quantity breaks
  • Multiple selling prices per stock item with quantity price breaks
  • Stock record search by reference, description or supplier’s reference
  • BS5750/ISO9000 Batch Traceability with system generated, or manually input, batch numbers
  • Facility to record serial numbers
  • FIFO, weighted average or last cost stock valuation
  • Product notes and warning message facility
  • Allows for non-stocked and service items

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Multi-Location Stock Control:

"Multi-Location Stock Control" is part of the Encore for Wholesaler/Distributor line of products, developed by Anagram Systems Limited.