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Among the many features of the sales and purchase analysis are:

  • Complete on-screen customer and supplier invoice history
  • Customer/supplier account history displays quantity, cost/ selling prices and margins by product - for a period or financial year
  • Customer/supplier turnover can be displayed as figures or bar-chart
  • Product enquiry screens show the full movement details, by period
  • Sales turnover can be viewed by product - showing quantity sold with sales value, margin amount and percentage - for each period and YTD
  • Product activity screen shows - per period – a breakdown of stock usage by movement type
  • User-defined analysis facility allows you to set up your own criteria for analyzing and reporting sales by customer, supplier, product or nominal account

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales & Purchase Analysis:

"Sales & Purchase Analysis" is part of the Encore for Manufacturer/BOM line of products, developed by Anagram Systems Limited.