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Allows you to define the components and costs of manufactured products. Among the features of the assembly processing are:

  • An assembly may be built up from individual component parts and/or sub-assemblies
  • No practical limit to the number of components in an assembly/sub-assembly
  • Assembly record includes: 15 character alphanumeric reference, description, build quantity, fixed costs, material and labour overhead factors, and assembly hours
  • Changes to component and labour costs are automatically reflected in the bill of materials
  • Requirements list facility sorts an input production schedule into component order and shows the number required, in stock, on order and any shortfall
  • Requirements list can be converted into a works order
  • Product record shows a list of assemblies which include the item as a component
  • Assembly labour cost can be built up from different labour rates in various departments
  • Bill of materials report lists the component and labour costs to arrive at a unit assembly cost

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Assembly Processing/BOM:

"Assembly Processing/BOM" is part of the Encore for Manufacturer/BOM line of products, developed by Anagram Systems Limited.