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The purchase order process in Encore-eBIS is designed to allow as much flexibility as possible in ordering goods from your suppliers whilst ensuring that accurate stock control is maintained. Its features include:

  • Separate file of purchase orders with choice of automatic or manual numbering
  • Purchase Orders are recorded against the supplier account and can be viewed/amended via the account
  • No limit to the number of line items per order
  • Allows for call-off orders
  • Automatic updating of on-order quantity in the stock record
  • Purchase Orders may be for stock and/or non-stock items
  • Allows for part deliveries
  • Updates both the on-order and in-stock levels when goods are received
  • Purchase and stock provisions nominal accounts are posted on receipt of goods
  • Facility for automatic purchase orders based on comparison between free stock and re-order level
  • Facility to raise a new order using an existing one as a template
  • Allows notes - for internal use - to be recorded against the order
  • Back to back ordering allows purchase orders to be raised automatically from one or more sales order

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Order Processing:

"Purchase Order Processing" is part of the Encore for Jewellers line of products, developed by Anagram Systems Limited.