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Anagram Systems Limited

A developer of business management software.

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Established in 1980 and based in Horsham, West Sussex, Anagram Systems have provided accounting solutions for business since the days of the earliest personal computers. With the objective of creating a range of high quality, easy to use business management, accounting and stock control software, the company has continued to develop its products alongside the evolution of the personal computer and related network systems.

Anagram Systems continued success comes from the company’s focus on providing a range of responsive services and in listening to its customers needs. With over fifty percent of its staff involved in customer support roles, Anagram Systems welcomes feedback and importantly, acts upon it. Suggestions from customers are regularly included as enhancements and improvements to the standard package on future releases.

Although Anagram supplies both directly and through a network of authorised resellers, the company provides support directly to the user. This is offered in the form of a telephone hotline, which is manned by experienced support personnel, and free of charge enhancements to users of the standard packages. By offering support directly, Anagram are able to build a more complete picture of their users requirements and act accordingly.

Anagram Systems operates a partnership approach and works hand in hand with its customers. This philosophy ensures a co-operative working relationship with customers, and creates an open environment for effective and efficient business management solutions that meet both the customers and the market needs.

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