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A web‑based software system designed by AMTdirect.
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AMTdirect was created in 1999 as a SaaS (Software as a Service) web-based solution to help companies save significant amounts of money and improve the life-cycle management of their real estate assets. Our complete real estate solution provides software and consulting services to enable companies to actively manage their real estate assets intelligently and efficiently.

Organize Your Assets:

Real estate management is not an easy task. Creating an environment where all your properties, stores, contracts, maintenance items, tasks and daily projects are neatly and centrally organized seems like a daunting task. AMTdirect makes this easy; all available to anyone you choose and from anywhere in the world.

  • Centralized and Cloud Based, housing all of your real estate information
  • Track and manage all lease and contract information, contract dates, financial obligations, payments/receivables and other terms of your agreements
  • Categorize and group properties, contracts, spaces, departments, leases, work orders or projects with complete document management capabilities
  • Eliminate the time consuming task of compiling and reconciling reports
  • Quick way to track revenues, sales, assets and expenses in order to ensure growth and an optimized portfolio
  • Portfolio information at your fingertips to ensure proper management workflow
  • Ability to quickly forecast sales, contract obligations and profitability on a 5, 10, 15 year basis
  • Complete Facilities Management for work requests, work orders, preventive maintenance and equipment tracking
  • Standardize your Project Management activities for upfits, market research for proposed locations, roof repairs or new construction.


Formulate a cohesive management workflow with the Industry’s most powerful Report Builder in order to streamline the day to day interactions and ensure that all personnel and teams are always up to date and informed.

  • Ability to breakdown your portfolio information into Regions, Markets, and Concepts - any grouping structure you define
  • Report scheduling to automate report distribution to individuals and groups of contacts you define
  • Distribute information to an infinite number of users automatically on your defned schedules
  • Critical date notification via email and on customizable dashboards
  • 180+ standard reports with ability to create your own or copy and change existing reports

Ensure Compliance:

Employ a robust and integrated system real estate system that provides assurances that you are adhering to the contractual requirements of your agreements and also the rules and regulations with the scope of professional property management.

  • Assurance that you are adhering to FASB/IASB Regulations
  • Ability to provide SEC reporting
  • Ensure contract compliance by tracking all reconciliation activity
  • Eliminate the manual process of tax calculations and reporting
  • Know that the calculations and management procedures in your portfolio adhere to regulations and are accurately recorded

Define Your Analytics:

Manage your real estate assets through one central location so you can intelligently analyze and evaluate how efficiently they are operating.

  • User defined dashboards based on your preferences
  • Reporting that allows you the ability to forecast sales and growth
  • Historical trend analysis
  • Integrated report scheduling and distribution capabilities
  • User defined key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Industry’s most powerful Report Builder

Control Financial Risk:

Provide a proactive and transparent approach to making smart business decisions that will make you money and grow your business.

  • Management system that allows you to focus on top-level decisions
  • Eliminate human error
  • Understand your complete financial obligation
  • Control your Option and Date sensitive financial risk which can be hidden in contracts
  • Proactively track CPI and Rent Tax requirements
  • Monitor Operating Expenses and ensure compliance

Functionality Modules

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