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ADS Solutions Advantage provides a fully integrated, flexible accounting system that adapts to customers’ unique business processes and allows customers to manage all aspects of their businesses. When properly implemented, the system includes multiple levels of security, a complete audit trail, fully GAAP-compliant financial statements and built-in best practice procedures. In addition, Advantage has all the necessary reports to let customers manage their businesses for optimal financial performance.

  • Records employee punch-in/punch-out entries on a time card system of compensation
  • Punch-in/punch-out up to 1000 times a day
  • Password prevents unauthorized use of employee clock record
  • Hourly time card summaries including overtime available can print at the end of each time clock period
  • Number of hours worked per day, overtime rate, permitted lunch break are all set system-wide
  • Provides overtime tracking with option for overtime approval required
  • Permits controlled starting time with exceptions for special projects
  • Vacation, sick time, and comp time are tracked and reported as required
  • Emergency information is on hand: emergency contact, physician name, known allergies and/or medications; general comments
  • Multiple passwords can be assigned to each password prompt
  • All menus, key programs, changes and/or overrides can be password protected with unique passwords