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  • Track repair history of items that the customer purchased from you or purchased elsewhere but brought in for repairs
  • Easily enter repair orders:
    • enter and track repairs like a regular sales item or sell and track a repair as a purchased repair “kit”
    • Use “repair-as-a-kit” template for a default list of repair components that can be modified at order entry
    • Charge zero for some items (which may be under warranty) and charge actual price for other items
  • Track and report components used for repairs in a number of ways:
    • track all or a selected number of the components used for the repair
    • optionally print repair components on work orders, pick tickets, invoices, quotes, etc.
    • restrict printing of components by hiding zero price items, hiding items in a specific department, or by some other customized method
    • keep part numbers, etc. blind from the customer
  • Automatically price the repair:
    • by the list of components used in the repair (including service charges)
    • by a set price assigned to the repair
  • Review extensive repair history and analysis:
    • see every repair-related invoice, quote, comment, etc. ever generated on-screen
    • track revenue generated and cost incurred to repair each item by fiscal period