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  • Extensive vendor cross-referencing lookup including “sounds like” option
  • Ability to specify a product in purchase order entry by the vendor’s part number and automatically convert this to your part number
  • Ability to purchase, receive, cost, price and sell the same item in different units of measure with the same part number
  • Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) system produces * Recommended Purchase Report with option to create purchase orders based on sales history or budget
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis during purchase order entry helps determine optimal order quantity based on quantity break pricing
  • Sort purchase order line items by part number, part category, or description
  • Extensive reporting capabilities for things like: overdue items by vendor, open purchase orders by vendor, expected receipts by date, etc.
  • Ability to cancel un-received items on open purchase orders
  • Password-protected ability to over-receive items, partially receive items, enter landed cost, add additional lines
  • Option to send and receive purchase orders via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Display status of special order items by vendor and retrieve them into a PO
  • Line Point Buying capability by dollars, weight, cube or quantity
  • Vendor discounts by weights and cubes
  • Specialized integrated processing of special order items with drop-ship from vendor to customer fully supported
  • Easy access to Product Master to add/update products from purchasing and receiving
  • Sophisticated lot number traceability
  • Request For Quotation features:
    • send list of parts to competing vendors
    • enter parts list manually or import from an order, quote, purchase order, or invoice
    • predefine list of vendors to receive RFQ based on parts
    • restrict requests for certain parts from being sent to certain vendors
    • system highlights best pricing from vendor
    • system creates PO based on your selected vendor
    • stores quoted prices in vendor record for future reference

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) - Automatic Replenishment System

  • Create recommended purchasing report and/or automatically generate purchase orders with EOQ analysis
  • Analyze history by warehouse and purchase by warehouse or centrally with/without automatic warehouse transfers
  • Create product use-rates based on historical sales information including “stock out” periods, “seasonal variations”, and “extraordinary” sales events
  • User-specified days of desired inventory for a product
  • User-specified safety margin of stock
  • Line point predictions available for an entire product line with a structured review cycle
  • All computer calculations can be overridden
  • Order quantity can be set:
    • manually specifying an order quantity
    • manually specifying an ‘order up to’ quantity
    • by computer calculation based on desired inventory level, use rate, and safety stock (DOQ)
    • by computer calculation based on the cost to carry inventory (warehousing cost), cost to purchase a line item (overhead associated with purchasing), and actual cost to determine an economic order quantity (EOQ)
    • by averaging the two computer calculation methods
  • Predefined purchasing cycles supported
  • Review report of overstocks
  • Optionally automatically generate Purchase Orders based on Recommended Replenishment Report
  • Use seasonal weighting to prevent overstocks during off season
  • Out of stock conditions can be reviewed manually
  • Worksheets help you calculate the ‘cost to order’ a purchase order line item and the cost to carry stock (cost to warehouse)
  • Vendor EOQ aids in line point purchasing (consolidating purchase of several parts from the same vendor on a single PO)

Vendor EOQ (Line Point Purchasing Analysis)

  • Vendor EOQ complements the EOQ system by including vendor requirements/restrictions when creating recommended-purchase reports
  • Vendor EOQ aids line-point purchasing (consolidating purchases of several parts from the same vendor on a single PO) optimizing quantities to take advantage of special vendor purchasing requirements or to reach targets for free freight and/or special discounting
  • Scheduled periodic review of all parts purchased from a vendor
  • Solve headaches associated with meeting a vendor’s purchasing restrictions or incentives by defining a line point minimum order quantity, dollar amount, weight, or cubes
  • Line Point by weight and by cubes
  • Line Point order point adjustment suggests items to purchase to reach line point
  • Use adjustment suggestions to reach line points that are within a specified close range
  • Define your own number of lead days for vendor

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