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ADS Solutions Advantage provides a fully integrated, flexible accounting system that adapts to customers’ unique business processes and allows customers to manage all aspects of their businesses. When properly implemented, the system includes multiple levels of security, a complete audit trail, fully GAAP-compliant financial statements and built-in best practice procedures. In addition, Advantage has all the necessary reports to let customers manage their businesses for optimal financial performance.

  • Maintains comprehensive employee payroll and personal information records (with unlimited free form comments for each employee)
  • Enables processing of payroll checks for hourly and salaried employees
  • Prints computerized paychecks (on standard check stock) for multiple banks and also allows manual checks
  • Provides multiple payroll reports including:
    • Pro-forma Paycheck Edit Report
    • Printed Payroll Checks Report
    • Summary by Employee #
    • Federal Forms 940 & 941 worksheets
    • Wages by week for specified fiscal period
  • Automatic preparation of W-2s
  • Sort Employee Master Reports by birth date, hire date, etc. to use for employee recognition programs
  • User-defined General Ledger withholding matrix easily handles 401(k) and cafeteria benefit plans, expense reimbursements, garnishments, loan or salary advance repayments
  • Salary and commission can print on one paycheck with different withholding amounts