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Advantage Inventory Management is part an integrated suite of modules which provide a solution for distribution businesses.

Designed to supply mid-size distributors with powerful tools, Advantage Inventory Management offers:

  • Track inventory for one or multiple warehouses
  • Track finished inventory and raw materials
  • Group sets of items as kits
  • Inventory ledger card shows all inventory changes
    • use one central screen to see the detail behind every transaction changing on-hand inventory
    • keep history as long as you wish
  • Fully supports multiple units of measure allowing the same item to be purchased, received, costed, priced and sold in different units of measure with the same part number
    • Also supports catch weight for items sold by unit but priced by actual weight, length etc.
  • Inventory count sheets and cycle count by: location description (or warehouse mapping #), vendor, product category, product group, product subcategory, entering count on the fly with a radio frequency bar code entry device
  • Ability to create orders after counting and before processing count sheets
  • Exception reports show receipts processed before counting but not entered until after counting finished
  • Discrepancy report generated prior to making an inventory adjustment
  • Inventory can be automatically adjusted from the discrepancy report
  • Optional use of bar codes and RF data terminals and PDAs in inventory process
  • Multiple cost files allows inventory valuation as of any date by replacement cost, accounting cost, average cost, or special cost

Warehouse Transfers

  • Allows support of multiple warehouses including: all inventory reports available for specified warehouses
    • ability to check inventory status and availability for each warehouse while entering quote, order, purchase order, etc.
    • selling prices for items can vary by warehouse
    • define safety stock levels by warehouse
    • define inventory stocking levels by warehouse
  • Ability to move a list of products from one warehouse to another, or a list of products to defective status within a single warehouse
  • Warehouse transfer sheets created prior to transfer; prints an inter-warehouse pick list showing quantity to transfer, quantity expected to be on-hand, unit of measure, etc.
  • Use warehouse transfer to track a group of items stage by stage through the shipping process or manufacturing cycle
  • Can vary costs by warehouse location to more accurately reflect value-added labor

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