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Your sales staff can prospect effectively with the tools available in ADS Solutions Advantage. Most importantly, the flexible pricing schemes and detailed contact notes help your sales staff SELL in the office and in the field. You can reward your hard-working staffers with multi-level, incentive-ready commission plans.

Keep your customers happy with help from Advantage’s extensive customer service features. Quickly reorder from past invoices, quotes, frequently purchased products, alternate products, and accessories. Numerous tools are designed to shorten the sales cycle and help your team provide excellent customer service to improve customer retention.


  • Calculate commissions by profit by line or a percentage of gross by line
  • Supports customized commission rules by salesperson
  • Pay commission based on invoice date or collection date
  • Track commissions paid on overdue customer accounts with ability to take back commissions on a line item basis
  • Customize commission system to meet your needs
  • Decrease commission percentage automatically if the product is discounted below user defined levels
  • Recalculate commissions as necessary if cost changes are made to the invoice even after ship confirmation
  • Manually adjust commissions line by line as necessary to process special situations
  • Enter a user defined cost in order entry that will apply for commission purposes on a single order line only
  • Calculate commission while taking into account rebated manufacturing costs that may apply for sales of a specific item to a specific customer during a specific time period
  • Define different commission rates for each sales representative on each commission class of product

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