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Bill of Materials

  • Bill of materials supports simple assembly or light manufacturing:
    • formulate subassemblies into finished goods
    • assign differing valuations for work in process
    • create batches of unfinished items while assembling
    • designated Protected Stock is protected from order entry allocation during assembly
  • Supports reverse bill of materials for distributors who cut standard size items and need to track / inventory / sell smaller pieces
  • Include items in the assembly unique to a particular finished goods unit of measure; (e.g., specify different labels and box/bottle sizes for finished goods with differing units of measure)
  • Unlimited levels of bill of material items; a BOM may be a component of another BOM.
  • Cost files are changed as required during the end of day process
  • Automatic optional cost rollup so cost of bill of materials reflects most recent cost of products
  • Automatically generate POs for special order items contained on a bill of materials


  • Full support for kitting; which allows sale of stock items individually and/or as kits
  • Inventory can be kept by items in a kit or by the kit (as one unit)
  • Pricing can be assigned by kit or as total price of items in kit plus optional kit discount
  • Costs can be kept by kit or by items in kit
  • Cost increases for any item included in a kit, can automatically increase the kit price
  • During Order Entry:
    • Kits can be configured, on-the-fly from a template kit
    • Change items in a kit or add items to the kit for a particular customer without changing the kit template
    • Detailed kit line items can be displayed (even when only a single line prints on order)
    • Edit price/quantity, etc. of detail lines
  • Place purchase orders for kits for better vendor prices. If desired, receive vendor kits and store as component parts