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  • Electronic Time Card (ETC) is designed to allow employees of department support staff to enter time and look up base benefit info. Each ETC goes through a process of ladders for approvals. For department management a bonus of electronic leave request.
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is designed to help your enterprise recruit employees more efficiently and streamline the hiring process.

    • Streamline and centralize applicant information
    • Maintain applicant Background & Reference checks
    • Establish and enforce consistent hiring processes for each job classification
    • Evaluate and rank applicants with the user-defined Skills Table
    • View the Position Applicant Roster to see the applicant status in the process
    • View all positions an applicant has applied for
    • Know all hiring steps and due dates by application
    • Search the Applicant/Skills database needed for a position
    • Upon hiring, seamlessly transition to the payroll employee master
    • Print standardized letters to job applicants
    • Controlled inquiry access to all stakeholders
  • Open enrollment can be a tough period for HR departments. With changing prices, service providers, benefits, etc. it would be nice to know that your department had a system to help you manage all of this and meet your objectives on time and with no surprises. With ADG’s Open Enrollment System (OES) you can experience a smooth process that allows employees the opportunity to view their options and enter selections at a time and place convenient to them while also allowing the HR professional the control they need to begin and end the selection period and monitor employees’ progress.
  • ADG’s Open Enrollment System provides the following benefits:

    • Flexible Benefits Eligibility Criteria: Select from an extensive list of benefit plan eligibility criteria and allow employees to choose only from those plans that are applicable to them based on this criteria.
    • Monitor Open Enrollment Progress: Easily monitor the progress of employees in the open enrollment process and send customizable reminder messages to employees.
    • Save Time: Seamlessly and electronically connect and transfer open enrollment data directly to the providers.
    • Save paper and postage by eliminating the need for printed documents.
    • Save time off the benefits open enrollment period by eliminating time delays due to manual processing.
    • Reduce administration time by having employees enter their own elections directly into the system, resulting in fewer duplicate entries, and improved data accuracy.
    • Deliver a sense that HR and the city is looking out for its employees by providing an intuitive, accurate system that results in no blame-shifting.
    • Allows more time for employees to pick what’s best for them.
  • Personal Action Request (PAR) allows employees to make request for changes to communicate to HR. HR sets up what they want to allow, e.g. pay review, name change, additions of dependents to name a few. These request are ladder driven with approval on each step. After reaching HR the values do not need to be rekeyed into the record, just a matter of accepting the changes.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with ADG - Payroll and Human Resources:

  • ADG - Enterprise Financial System
  • ADG - Fund Management System
  • ADG - Utility Billing System
  • Building Permits System
  • Business Licensing
  • Cemetery Plot tracking System
  • Code Enforcement System
  • Court Management System
  • Fixed Assets and Maintenance Scheduling System
  • Global Work Order System
  • Money Tracking System
  • Sales Tax Collection System
  • Special Assessments System

"ADG - Payroll and Human Resources" is part of the Enterprise Financial and Utility Billing Software Solution line of products, developed by ADG - American Data Group.