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Enterprise Financial and Utility Billing Software Solution

A multi‑module management system designed by ADG ‑ American Data Group for non‑profit organizations and government & public administration.
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American Data Group Software offers the following options:

  1. Enterprise Financial and Utility Billing Software
  2. Municipal Software Solutions
  3. Fund Accounting for Government
  4. Government Software Solutions

As a leader in accounting software for government and non-profits, American Data Group Inc. (ADG), has stayed true to one simple objective: to write, maintain, and support the most customer-friendly, state-of-the-art accounting software in today’s market place and provide the best customer service possible. This objective has allowed us to expand and improve our company, products, and business since 1983. The key is we have 98% customer retention these 28 years. We handle a variety of accounting functions including general accounting, payroll, human resources, utility billing, fixed assets tracking, court management, business licensing, sales tax collections, building permits and code enforcement.

The primary goal of our company , our software, and our staff is to make the accounting process as easy, efficient and accurate as possible, keeping you, the customer, in mind at all times. Our software is scalable, it is used at organizations with as few as 10 employees and as many as 2500 with budgets in the range of millions to 100’s of millions. The system’s design provides easy-to-use features for both the small and large customer.

A comprehensive line of software solutions to governments are listed below.

Popular Functionality Modules

Building Permits System Controls the full life-cycle of permits from applications through Certificate of Occupancy/Completion.…

Code Enforcement System Manage violations against properties including sending of letters , tracking fines and fees, compliance inspections, liens, and payments.…

Sales Tax Collection System Allows municipalities to administer their own sales tax collections and analyze receipts by business types and location areas. A module is available enabling business to file…

Business Licensing Send license renewals to businesses. Licenses fees may be based on any number of qualifiers. Provides for discounts, penalties and unpaid renewal reporting. A module is…

Court Management System Tracks citations issued by police officers throughout the court process. Send letters, track payments, manage fines and fees, dockets, and actions by the court, the judge or…

Complete Functionality Module List

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