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ADG - American Data Group

A developer of business management software designed for the government sector.

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Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to see what ADG has to offer in an Enterprise Financial and Utility Billing Software Solutions for government which is geared to be the gatekeeper. We hope that you will continue to let us work with you in determining the best fit for your organization software needs against the whole list of governmental solutions.

We have an outstanding track record in providing governmental software and have many customers who can attest to our quality software and support. You will find that we also offer you an implementation record that is unsurpassed in the industry. You will have it done right and on time the first time. You will not be surprised by hidden charges or so-called “upgrade costs” later on. Our prices are firm.

All that we offer helps explain why we have had a 98% customer retention rate since 1983. By working with ADG, you will have the advantage of an easy-to-use, robust, scalable, proven product. We have a dedicated staff of experts in the field of governmental software to help you both today and in the future as your organization’s needs evolve.

We truly look forward to working with you and your staff. It is our hope you will be amongst our current customers, as we build a long-term partnership to your success.

Over the years we have offered to those looking for solution an open invitation to join us with customers at our annual Users Conference to be held in Orlando Florida April 18-21. It is free and to get an invitation send us your request.

We appreciate and thank you for your interest.


Jack Ewing

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