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Inventory Control is one of the 5 major processing functions in the ABS Wholesale Distribution System. (The others are Order Entry, Customer Invoicing, Sales Analysis, and Physical Inventory Maintenance.)

Inventory is automatically maintained whenever an order or a receipt is processed. The system can keep track of inventory in up to 999 warehouses or stores.

Inventory information can be displayed on demand. A product inventory record shows

  • Re-order, freeze order, line point and EOQ quantities
  • Lead time (in weeks)
  • Last receipt dates, plus the number of days the vendor took to deliver the item
  • Inventory class and group codes
  • Aisle/row/bin location
  • List price
  • Price per quantity (e.g., 3 for $10)
  • G/L accounts (sales, inventory and cost of goods sold)
  • When the inventory record was created
  • When the item was last sold, received, counted, ordered, frozen and had a price change

It also shows quantities in-stock, on order, in-transit, on backorder, reserved, manual reserved, on layaway and more—per warehouse and company wide.

The system also monitors any stock out date and the number of days out of stock, average, standard and last costs, plus period and YTD statistics for quantities sold, average cost and quantities returned to stock or for credit.

Product IDs can be up to 18 characters with 40-character descriptions and multiple UPC codes.

The system supports

  • Serial and lot-numbered items
  • Fractional quantities and prices
  • 10 price levels per item, as well as unit of measure and martix pricing
  • 6 levels of quantity and cost for LIFO/FIFO product costing
  • Discount options by quantity, dollar amount, customer, product, department, warehouse, vendor and a user-defined date range
  • Repricing by product and product range, based on price, discount percent or a factor.

The Physical Inventory Maintenance function keeps track of inventory transfers, receipts, counts and shortages. It also lets you reprice and reclassify inventory quickly and efficiently.

Several ABS P.E.P. Pack® modules can be used with Inventory Control. They include

  • ABS Automatic Purchase Order…for companies that want the option to automatically create a P/O during order entry whenever an item has an insufficient available quantity.
  • ABS Order Fulfillment…for companies that need to fill customer orders from multiple warehouses.
  • ABS Remote Processing…for companies that need to upload and download inventory information between their corporate headquarters and satellite warehouses or stores.
  • ABS R/F Bar Code…for companies that want the ability to count and receive inventory using radio frequency hand-held terminals.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Control:

"Inventory Control" is part of the ABS Wholesale Distribution System line of products, developed by ABS--American Business Systems.

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