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ABS Recurring Billing P.E.P. Pack® is an add-on module that interfaces with the ABS Accounts Receivable System and lets you automate repetitive customer billing.

With the R/B module, you can create customer bills that occur on a regular bases—for goods and services such as maintenance agreements, membership fees, support contracts and delivery of contracted services—and print them by a variety of frequencies.

And because you can create a library of reusable line items—each with the item’s description, cost, commission, and more—you won’t have to re-type the line item information again and again.

You can also use R/B to generate financial reports to monitor customer contracts and to project anticipated revenue.

All invoice data created in the R/B module automatically updates the files in your ABS Accounts Receivable System.

Key features include

  • Improved data entry efficiency
  • Supports 5 billing frequencies: monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual
  • Automatic tracking of bills by invoice type and by billing frequency
  • Accurate monitoring of contracts which are about to expire
  • Ability to project revenues any time…by fiscal period, salesperson, invoice type and billing frequency
  • Copy feature lets you use one customer’s bill to create a new bill…without having to re-enter line item billing data
  • Automatically tracks times billed and amounts billed to date against dollar and time limits you specify
  • Supports free-form notes and comments, plus up to 3 invoice messages.

Reports include Standard Line Items, Invoice Trial Register, Projected Billings, and Billing Renewal, Expiration and Status.

With the B/R module, you can monitor all transaction activity, including A/P and P/R checks, deposits, and bank adjustments for up to 9,999 accounts.

All check data created in your ABS A/P and/or P/R module is automatically imported into the B/R module, so no double entry is required. If you also use the ABS General Ledger module, adjustment transactions created in B/R are merged to the G/L module.

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"Recurring Billing" is part of the ABS Accounting System line of products, developed by ABS--American Business Systems.

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