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ABS Payroll expedites processing employee payroll checks—including checks for employees who work in multiple states—withholding taxes, tracking voluntary deductions, maintaining workers’ compensation rates, and keeping accurate employee information.

The P/R module automates tax reporting, supports magnetic media W-2s, and lets you allocate time and wages to ultiple states, depertmants, labor unions, and more.

The P/R module interfaces with ABS General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation and Direct Deposit.

Key features include

  • Fast entry of employee attendance info
  • Supports multiple pay frequencies, plus after-the-fact payrolls
  • Supports manual checks, direct deposits and restricted payroll departments
  • Handles 999 user-defined deductions
  • Calculates deductions for 401-k and Section 125 plans, garnishments, union dues, additional withholding taxes
  • Fast access to employee records and pay history
  • Password protected for added security

ABS Payroll Subscription Service for the first calendar year is included in the purchase price.

Optional modules that interface with Payroll include the Direct Deposit and Bank Reconciliation P.E.P. Packs.

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"Payroll" is part of the ABS Accounting System line of products, developed by ABS--American Business Systems.

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