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The ABS ODBC Link is a middleware software product that provides Microsoft Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) standards for ABS Version 7.03 (or higher) software applications. With ODBC Link, you can seamlessly access your ABS data through a variety of Windows-based products without having to export it.

ODBC Link creates direct links from your ABS data to a wide variety of popular spreadsheet, word processing, report writing and business analysis tools, including Microsoft Access, Excel and Word, Crystal Reports, IQ Object, Power Builder and Visual Basic.

These links are made possible by the ABS Universal Data Dictionary (UDD) which lists the field names in all the ABS master files, such as the Customer or Inventory file. You can select virtually any combination of those fields to extract the data you need for a Windows-based report, graph, or spreadsheet.

Here’s an example. Let’s assume your company plans to run a special sale next month on products supplied by one vendor. Prior to the sale, your marketing manager wants to mail a notice to all your customers who purchased any item supplied by that vendor within the last 6 months.

By selecting the right combination of words from the dictionary, you can quickly identify the customers you want to target. Then, you can transfer their names and addresses to a mail merge program, and generate the exact letters and mailing labels you need.

ABS ODBC Link can help your company gain better control over data management and provide more flexibility in creating custom reports, letters and spreadsheets.

With ABS ODBC Link, you can…

* Create reports without normal programming time and costs
* Easily capture the exact data you need
* Refresh data to make certain it is current

Because ODBC Link is a middleware software product—one that fits between your ABS software and your Windows applications—it is virtually invisible to your users. It works “behind the scenes” to locate the requested ABS data and link it to the appropriate Windows product.

Other Applications

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"ODBC Link" is part of the ABS Accounting System line of products, developed by ABS--American Business Systems.

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