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The ABS Currency Conversion P.E.P. Pack® is an add-on module that interfaces with any of these 4 ABS software modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Point of Sale. It provides your company with the ability to record and report financial information in any foreign currency.

With the Currency Conversion module, you an process cash receipts, issue vendor payments, record retail store payments and generate financials in the currency of your choice.

All results are calculated based on your most recent entries in the Daily Rate Table.

Key features include…

  • Automatic recording of currency gains or losses
  • Ability to enter invoices in one currency, then pay them in another
  • Option to to mix foreign currencies when you generate multi-company reports on G/L financial reports
  • Ability to update the Daily Rate Table any time to keep exchange rates current
  • Supports currency rates with up to 14 digits, plus decimal point, with precision of up to 8 digits to the left of the decimal point and up to 6 to the right
  • Lets you specify each currency’s position on the Daily Rate Table
  • Time-saving copy feature lets you copy an old rate table for use as a new one.

Note: Currency Conversion requires only one ABS module: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger or Point of Sale. If you use more than one of these modules, only one Currency Conversion module is required.

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"Currency Conversion" is part of the ABS Accounting System line of products, developed by ABS--American Business Systems.

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