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PCLawPro’s integrated Trust Accounting helps you manage all your trust obligations in compliance with local Bar Association and Law Society standards and regulations.

The Trust Listing provides up to date balances for all clients.

Detailed Reports

PCLawPro maintains an up to date Trust Ledger with complete details of receipts, payments and transfers for each Client Matter. PCLawPro’s Trust Reports simplify inquiries and provide the audit trails to satisfy your accountants.

Multiple Bank Accounts

PCLawPro accommodates multiple Trust bank accounts to separate and control regular and interest bearing accounts.

Trust Control

Users can maintain strict control over Trust activity to help prevent:

  • Overdrawing client’s accounts
  • Writing Trust checks before the receipts have cleared the bank
  • Transferring too much money to the General bank account for payment of invoices

Fully Integrated With Billing

Trust funds can be transferred to the General Bank account for payment of outstanding balances during or after billing. The Trust statement portion of the bill details the transfer and shows the client that their account is current.

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"Trust Accounting" is part of the PCLawPro line of products, developed by Alumni Computer Group.

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