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This developer has been acquired by LexisNexis®.

PCLawPro provides a centralized contact management system to track and manage all contacts relating to your firm including clients and vendors.

PCLawPro makes it easy to organize your contacts.

Replace Your Rolodex

You can store names, addresses, telephone, fax, web sites, e-mail addresses, associated contacts and notes for all your contacts. You can generate e-mails messages to your contacts from the contact screen.

Contact information can be copied for use with your word processor or exported for use with other programs.

Contacts can be labeled as ‘private’ to prevent unauthorized users from viewing the contact details.

Customize Contact ‘Types’

You can create ‘types’ of contacts making it easier to find specific contacts when you need them e.g. expert witnesses, judges and opposing attorneys. You can search for contacts by name, firm name or type.

Powerful Conflict Search

PCLawPro’s conflict search checks to see if new clients will cause a conflict with existing files. In addition to active and archived matters, PCLawPro will also check vendors, description lines, memorized payees, and contacts.

Track Contact Activity and Relations

Contacts can be associated with matters and lawyers allowing you to manage your contacts’ relations. To keep track of your contacts’ activities, you can schedule appointments and record unlimited notes for all your contacts.

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"Complete Contact Management" is part of the PCLawPro line of products, developed by Alumni Computer Group.

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