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A developer of business management software.

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Altius enables senior finance executives to better understand and manage the vast amounts of data that drives their business. Its Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions allow clients to gain control over disparate spreadsheets by centralizing them within a secure system. Built on the FlexMI platform, Altius’ products are easy to implement, interfacing seamlessly with a company’s existing software. Organizations of all sizes and across multiple industries utilize Altius to gain accurate, efficient, and critical insights into their data— reducing errors while saving both time and money.

With Altius you can:

  • Manage all corporate planning and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) functions and workflows in one single system
  • Forecast, approve, track, and report on expenditures as well as business performance
  • Lower your licensing and training costs while increasing functionality for your team
  • Streamline the management of financial and operational information, eliminating manual or redundant processes
  • Run real-time analysis on your company’s vast stores of data, pulling in front-office, back-office, and external data points
  • Make better, faster decisions through up-to-the-minute dashboards and agile forecasting tools
  • Customize and scale our solutions to meet your needs (from G&A cost tracking or production planning, to sales forecasting or operational reporting)

Product Lines

  • Flex AFE Tracker

    Software for monitoring and controlling cost estimates and expenditure approvals.

    0 reviews
  • Flex MDM Studio

    Software for increasing the visibility and control over corporate financial data.

    0 reviews
  • Flex Planning

    A budgeting, planning, and forecasting application from Altius.

    0 reviews

Market Focus

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