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Alternative Technology Solutions

A developer of business management software.

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At Alternative Technology Solutions, we believe in partnering with customers to create and build solutions that make their systems, processes, and people work better together. With deep technical, software, and industry expertise, our consulting teams are driven to take manufacturers to the cloud through technology that’s smarter, lighter, and easier to use.

Alternative was founded in 2009 to fill the need of customers who weren’t getting enough value from their ERP platforms. After helping hundreds of customers fix common problems around integration, quoting, and visibility, we expanded our focus to include CRM. We also began productizing the solutions we implemented again and again for customers in order to keep solution costs down and ROI up.

We frequently work with customers who are frustrated because their needs aren’t being met. Whether it’s because they’ve outgrown their systems or just can’t get the results they need, they turn to Alternative because they need a collaborative, reliable partner who will help them not only implement the solution they need, but who will train their teams to be more effective users.

With over 700 customers worldwide, Alternative continues to experience tremendous growth. Whether you’re interested in working with us on a project, becoming a partner, or joining our team, you’ll see that Alternative really does provide an real alternative in the technology services marketplace.

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