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Promotions Module is a versatile, configurable add-on to any TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse installation. With it, you can easily track and calculate the effects of sales promotions with input obtained from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

The Promotions Module allows users to combine the lift from promotional activities with the baseline statistical forecast generated and managed using the TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse.

The Promotions Module stores a complete history of your promotional information in a way that conforms to your corporate promotional style. This generally includes type, value and date range of the customer promotions.

The stored promotional information is always available for analysis and use as a baseline for future product promotions.

When defining a promotion, you may choose to use either the promotion’s historical lift or override it with your own lift value.

Promotions can be updated either directly on the server, over a local network, or from anywhere in the world over the Internet when the optional TimeTrends e-Forecasting module is installed.

Promotional information can also be automatically updated from your corporate data warehouse where applicable, saving you from much of the effort and all of the errors associated with manual re-keying of data.

In designing the Promotions Module we recognized that data security is also an important concern. The module can be configured to limit who can view or who can modify promotional information, by customer or customer group or by product or product group.

As with all other TimeTrends products, promotional reports can be generated using standard report writing tools for on-screen viewing purposes, or for later delivery via e-mail.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Promotions:

"Promotions" is part of the TimeTrends Forecasting line of products, developed by ALT-C Systems.