Is Method CRM Pro right for your business?

Method CRM Pro is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a Method CRM Pro demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare Method CRM Pro with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

Activities & tasks - Maintain a proper activity history. Stop using Notes and Todo’s in QuickBooks! Method allows you to track every interaction you have, including phone calls, emails, appointments, marketing letters, and services performed. Set reminders and follow-ups and assign tasks to other staff, so that nothing gets forgotten.

Opportunities - Close more sales deals. Your sales team will see which opportunities are ready to close, as well as the probability and value of each deal at a glance. Method also allows your sales team to share details with their co-workers, helping deals close even when they are away from their desk.

Cases & Solutions - Deliver superior customer service. Cases allow you to create and track customer service tickets to help your staff share and solve issues. Customers can create, update or view the status of tickets, as well as view existing solution articles through the customer portal.

Documents - Upload and share documents with your entire organization. Assign documents to activities, customers, opportunities, QuickBooks transactions, or anything you desire (via customization). Method also integrates with so that documents uploaded in Method appear in the SmartVault Toolbar in QuickBooks.

  • Unlimited contacts per customer or vendor. QuickBooks only provides you with a “Contact” and “Alt Contact”, which is just not enough, especially when you do business with companies rather than residences. Method allows you to maintain the names, phone numbers, emails, and job titles of all the people you have contact with in the organization.
  • Track leads outside of QuickBooks. You don’t need to fill your QuickBooks file with potential customers (“leads”). By using the “Is Lead Status Only” field, new customers entered in Method don’t sync to QuickBooks until you are ready.
  • Customer portals allow you to create a self-service “My Account” area on your website. Let your customers ask questions, see past transactions, make payments, and print existing invoices. You can fully customize the portals any way you want.
  • View and create QuickBooks transactions all in one place. Method’s real-time sync with QuickBooks not only lets you see transactions in a web browser - you can also create and modify transactions directly in Method that sync to QuickBooks instantly. QuickBooks does not need to be installed on a Method user’s computer as long as it is on at least one computer in your office.
  • Web Forms allow your potential customers to request product and service information from your website and instantly create a lead, sales opportunity and a follow-up reminder for your sales staff.
  • Get sales forecasts at your fingertips. Get a total sales pipeline based on the value of all outstanding opportunities and the probability of them closing.
  • Gain insight with dashboards and analytics. Dashboards and Analytics help you know who your best customers, and best staff are, and who is falling between the cracks.
  • Create successful marketing campaigns. Create marketing campaigns and link invoices, sales receipts, bills and checks to determine their success.
  • Send marketing emails and letters with the List Builder. Use the List Builder to send email campaigns, and export specific groups of leads and customers to Excel for mail merge letters. Track the sent email or letter as a customer activity, and create automatic follow-ups for your sales staff.
  • Shared calendars allow you and your staff to see each other’s tasks and appointments. The drag and drop interface allows you to easily resize appointments, reassign appointments from one staff member to another, or move them to another date.