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No other medical billing EMR software is quite like Allegiance MD—thanks to our expert system. An expert system is part of a particular branch of computer science, which program computers to behave like humans—making decisions, based on past actions of the human counterpart.

Computer science has catapulted over the years, offering the medical community tremendous these unique aides: computer applications, known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, physicians use such expert systems to help diagnose diseases, based on symptomology.

Our skilled engineers integrated such a system with the capabilities and comprehensive features required to optimize a medical practice. Allegiance MD is the innovative program, which studies human actions and translates them into a language the computer comprehends—and later mirrors those actions in future decision-making activities. Going one step further, our Artificial Intelligence also self-corrects on the fly, finding potential glitches long before you would even know they existed.

With Allegiance MD, efficiency is magnified and your bottom line is enhanced significantly. That’s because our web-based expert system does even more than learn your habits and automate decisions. It outperforms our competitors … every time.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Artificial Intelligence:

"Artificial Intelligence" is part of the AllegianceMD Medical Billing Software line of products, developed by AllegianceMD.