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AllegianceMD Medical Billing Software

A web‑based multi‑module management system designed by AllegianceMD for health care & social services companies.
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  • Books 60% of your appointments online.
  • Let your patients input their own demographics.
  • Calls patients to confirm appointments.
  • Allows patients to fill out their history and demographics online, according to your predetermined parameters.
  • Checks patient eligibility.
  • Check insurance eligibility, then forwards you the patient eligibility data (co-pays, deductible amounts, co-insurance).
  • Scans/archives all patient documents. (Unlimited document upload).
  • Lets you fax from anywhere in the world since the fax is attached to our class five switch system and not your office-bound system.
  • Scans/archives/organizes faxes sent to your system, letting you annotate the fax and attach it to patient records—never loose a fax again. (E-fax)
  • Calls/collects 60% of patient charges.


We try to automate every aspect of your practice with automated eligibility where the system contact the insurance company for you and bring the eligibility information like Co-pay amount, deductible, co-insurance. Electronic phone confirmation where the system calls the patients for you, and confirm the appointment for you.

A patient portal that uses Artificial intelligence can automate your practice by allowing your patients to fill out their history, demographics, and book appointments without human interference according to your instructions.

Electronic toll free fax that let your faxes come in to your system, ability to annotate the fax, attach it to certain patients. Never loose a fax, and fax from any where in the world, because unlike others our E-fax is attached to our advanced phone system, not to your system

Functionality Modules

Electronic Eligibility How much time does your staff spend trying to verify patient eligibility? Calling the long list of insurance companies is one thing, but when you factor in the additional…

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Electronic Posting SIMPLIFY THE INSURANCE MAZE Filing hundreds of claims each week and then posting deductibles, payments and other adjustments create a time-consuming, tedious and demanding…

Dashboard The 1996 HIPAA legislation—the American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act—laid down strong ground rules for healthcare providers, hospitals and health plans…

Artificial Intelligence YOUR RIGHT-HAND ASSISTANT No other medical billing EMR software is quite like Allegiance MD—thanks to our expert system. An expert system is part of a particular branch of…

Electronic Statement Preparing medical billing statements used to be intricate and time-consuming. Now your staff can forget the bulk mail, stuffing envelopes, sorting, potential errors and…

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