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Alight LLC

A developer of business management software designed for enterprise organizations.

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What is your planning problem? Are you stuck in Excel Hell for budgets and forecasting? Do you need help translating your strategic vision into a financial model? Do you have a problem getting your hands around project or product costs for projections? Do you have customer or product data that you need to ‘slice and dice’ to get visibility into the numbers?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, what you need is a flexible planning tool that lets you plan the way you think, all within a single integrated application. Alight Planning.

Alight delivers planning and reporting software for a broad spectrum of planning activities. With Alight, you can develop…

  • Budgets with inputs from department managers
  • Rolling forecasts with activity driver models
  • Financial reports with actual to plan variances
  • ‘What if’ scenario analysis
  • Long range financial or capital plans
  • Project plans and projections
  • Customer revenue forecasts
  • Sales pipeline analysis
  • Bid and proposal packages
  • M&A analysis

Alight Planning is the most flexible and easy-to-implement planning package on the market. Single user or multi-user configurations. In depth training and consulting support. Mid-market pricing.

Product Lines

  • Alight Mining

    A business intelligence software system designed by Alight LLC for the mining industry.

    0 reviews
    • Alight Mortgage Lending

      A business intelligence software system designed by Alight LLC for the mortgage lending industry.

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