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SYMPAQ SQL’s Purchase Order module is fully integrated with the Accounts Payable module, allowing complete tracking of the purchase process. Each Purchase Order can contain an unlimited number of line items. Commitments are created, relieved, and closed using a logical and flexible structure that’s easy to learn and operate.

Purchase Order Features

  • Branch-specific buyer limits: Employees can be defined as buyers, with their approval authority determined by the branch office placing the order.
  • Item File: Allows the user to classify goods and services by type, manufacturer and commodity code.
  • Predefined units of measure: Units for area, length, time, units, volume, and weight can be supplemented by any number of the user’s own definitions.
  • Flexible relief methods: Items can be relieved according to the purchase order’s unit of measure, an alternate unit of measure (e.g. pounds instead of kilos), or even a dollar amount.
  • Multiple status tracking: Purchase orders can carry simultaneous statuses for staging, approval, issuance, and printing.
  • Accounts Payable Integration: Generates Accounts Payable invoices directly from Purchase Order vouchers

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"Purchase Order Module" is part of the SYMPAQ SQL line of products, developed by Aldebaron.

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