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SYMPAQ SQL’s Labor & Leave module is used to enter, calculate, review, and post labor costs, both direct and indirect. The Labor & Leave module tracks labor by employee, vendor, labor category, task, job, and division, and can even track borrowed labor. You can customize employee leave definitions to account for a wide range of leave accrual policies.

Labor & Leave Features

  • Flexible time card frequency: Daily, weekly, or any other user-defined frequency
  • Total time accounting: Multiple methods for tracking uncompensated overtime for salaried individuals
  • Tracks employee leave balances: Accruals for vacation, sick, holiday, or other paid absences
  • Multiple time card types: Originals, Modifications, Adjustments, and Bonus Processing
  • Allows input of vendor (subcontractor) and employee time cards
  • Defines unlimited labor categories: Project-specific or company-wide
  • Borrowed labor: Applies an employee or consultant’s home division overhead rate to a project

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"Labor & Leave Module" is part of the SYMPAQ SQL line of products, developed by Aldebaron.

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