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SYMPAQ SQL’s Job Cost module provides a number of mission-critical reports, as well as various project cost and management support functions. Using this module, you can define projects and related tasks, work breakdown structures, project cost elements, labor categories, and contract line items. Administrative information is used to keep track of contacts, purchase order numbers, limitation of funds, and contract modifications.

Job Cost Features

  • User-defined project numbers: Creates project numbering schemes of up to 20 characters
  • Administrative project information: Includes multiple contacts, contract value, period of performance, limitation of funds clauses, etc.
  • Work breakdown structures: Creates unlimited phases, tasks and subtasks, and reports on any level
  • Indirect cost allocation: Allocates actual, budgeted, or provisional rates to projects
  • Project labor utilization: Direct/Billable, B&P, IR& D, Marketing, Internal, and Indirect
  • Tracks project deliverables: Due Date, Date Delivered, and Date Accepted
  • *Unlimited cost elements by project or task: *On-site labor, off-site labor, and other direct costs
  • Defines authorized work forces: Employees/consultants who are eligible to work on a project or task
  • Project budgets: Stores monthly budgets or cost element budgets by project

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"Job Cost Module" is part of the SYMPAQ SQL line of products, developed by Aldebaron.

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