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ALCiE Membership Distribution Management

A software system designed by ALCIE Integrated Solutions.
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Download brochure ALCiE Membership Distribution Management is designed to help Standards Organizations, Professional Associations, and Membership-based organizations streamline Sales Order processing to be more efficient and timely through increased automation.

Quotation & Prospecting facilitates quote-to-order conversions by providing valuable Marketing and Prospecting features, such as automatically creating promotional quotes for target audiences.

Order Processing assists in efficiently conducting Customer Service and Order Fulfillment activities.

Automated Distribution streamlines recurring Order Processing by automatically creating numerous Orders at the click of a button.

Inventory Management enables comprehensive multi-location inventory handling by providing real-time inventory status tracking.

Accounts Receivable completes the Sales cycle by managing customer accounts, and tracking invoices and cash receipts.

Popular Functionality Modules

Accounts Receivable ALCiE A/R is a multi-purpose enterprise Accounts Receivable Application. Its features include Cash Receipts, Recurring Transactions, Finance Charges, Debit/Credit Processing…

Order Entry ALCiE’s enterprise-wide Order Processing and Sales Analysis provides several functionalities. Inventory is automatically allocated as orders are entered and relieved when…

Automated Distribution ALCiE’s Automated Distribution module automates enterprise-wide mass distribution and repetitive orders / shipments. Automated Distribution, services Just-In-Time Inventory…

Inventory Management ALCiE’s multi-warehouse Inventory Management provides enterprise-wide inventory control including full inventory receipts, issues, transfers, physical cycle counts and ABC…

Quotation and Prospecting ALCiE Quotation provides all of the features necessary to create a professional appearing quotation, with the ability to later turn the quote into a sales order. The quote…

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