Is ALCIE Manufacturing Suite right for your business?

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ALCIE combines Job Cost, Shop Floor Control, and Routings into a powerful integrated System. User-friendly input screens enable you to easily enter and track labor hours, labor dollars, fixed burden, variable burden, material units, and material costs. Actual data may be compared to your plan. You may have many shop orders charged to a single job, and each shop order may have virtually unlimited operations. Material may be attached to a given shop operation. Labor input is tied to the ALCIE Payroll System, which means you only enter transactions once to produce both job cost and payroll reports. Fixed and variable burdens may be also calculated based on user-defined variables.

Material input is equally as simple. Planned materials may be input from a copy of a bill of materials, or manually. You may also automatically issue material based on the shop order’s bill of materials, or issue items individually from your requisition form. A purchase requisition report is automatically produced for out of stock and non-stocked items when the shop order is released.

Some Distinguishing Features

  • Unlimited Fabrication instructions and comments per shop order.
  • Ability to allocate and de-allocate materials for a shop order.
  • Automatic material issue from Purchase Order to Job Cost.
  • Allows entry of job and non-job labor hours on the same screen.
  • Virtually unlimited number of shop orders per job.
  • Reporting by job, shop order, operation, department and work center in almost any combination as required.
  • Automatic calculation of fixed and variable labor burdens.
  • Automatic material burden calculation.
  • Ability to copy from another shop order, routing, bill of materials, or quote.
  • Operation records contain fields for regular hours and dollars, overtime hours and dollars, setup hours and dollars, fixed and variable burdens and machine hours.
  • Planned regular hours can be automatically calculated based on order quantity if hours per operation or operations per hour are known.