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ALCIE Manufacturing Suite

A full ERP system designed by ALCIE Integrated Solutions for professional services and manufacturing companies.
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ALClE’s Manufacturing Suite provides an enterprise-wide system designed to accommodate a wide variety of discrete manufacturing requirements. Virtually all types of costs may be recorded.ALClE’s enterprise-wide Manufacturing module offers Costing, Shop floor control and Routing in a single powerful module. Track labor hours and cost, fixed and variable burden, material units and cost with actual data to plan comparisons.

ALCIE’s make-to-order manufacturing supports multiple shop orders for any job, each with virtually unlimited operations. Planned materials may be copied from a Bill of Materials or input manually. Material is issued automatically based on the shop order or individually from a requisition. Purchase requisition reports are automatically produced for out-of-stock and non-stocked items when the shop order is released.

  • Unlimited number of shop orders per job with unlimited fabrication instructions and comments per shop order.
  • Allows entry of job and non-job labor hours on the same screen.
  • Reporting by job, shop order, operation, department and work center in almost any combination desired.
  • Detail transactions may be retained indefinitely for audit purposes and custom reporting, even on closed jobs.
  • Automatic material issue from Purchase Order to Job Cost.
  • Ability to allocate and de-allocate materials for a shop order.
  • Planned regular hours may be automatically calculated based on order quantity if hours per operation or operations per hour are known.
  • Completely integrated with the ALCIE General Ledger, Bill of Material, Quoting & Estimating, Inventory Management, Order Entry and Purchase Ordering.
  • User-defined burden relief accounts and calculation methods for fixed and/or variable burden.
  • General Ledger figures for W.I.P., inventory, cost of sales, and sales at the job level.
  • Work in process reporting.
  • Prints shop packet.
  • Shop order release with ability to trial-allocate inventory.
  • Shop order inquiry by labor and material at the operation level.
  • Multiple manufacturing location support.
  • General search look-up screens attached to virtually all data-entry fields.
  • Ability to copy from another shop order, routing, Bill of materials, or quote.
  • Operation records contain fields for regular hours and dollars, overtime hours and dollars, setup hours and dollars, fixed and variable burdens and machine hours.
  • Material analysis reporting with variances to plan.
  • Real-time inventory posting from material issues.
  • Labor analysis reporting with variance analysis to plan.
  • Automatic material burden calculation.
  • Material, labor and expenses are individually tracked.
  • Project Manufacturing Suite is integrated with ALCIE’s Financial Suite and Distribution Suite.

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