Is ALCIE Distribution Suite right for your business?

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ALCIE’s multi-company Bulk Distribution module automates enterprise-wide mass distribution and repetitive orders / shipments. Bulk distribution, services just-in-time inventory clients, consolidated multi-customer bulk shipments, and mass delivery of subscribed materials or services.

Multiple distribution cycles can be simultaneously in progress for the same or different groups of customers. Shipments and billings of one or more inventory items can be consolidated and produced at the push of a single button.

ALCIE’s Bulk Distribution module is fully integrated with ALCIE’s Order Processing and Inventory Management systems.

Some powerful features

  • Customer subscription demand records, specifies shipment and billing quantities which apply to each subscription item.
  • Unlimited subscription products can be designated and processed simultaneously.
  • Subscription distribution records specifies delivery quantities for each customer destination according to each mode of shipment.
  • Subscription distribution records can be set up to be sourced from a specific warehouse.
  • Subscriptions can be set up to start and stop at any time.

Optionally it can also be a robust, self-sufficient stand alone bulk distribution application.