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AIM Computer Solutions, Inc. is an industry leader in repetitive manufacturing solutions targeted specifically for the small to medium sized automotive supplier. We are committed to providing high quality cost effective solutions to assist our customers in maximizing their productivity and profitability. We pursue this commitment through an emphasis on continuous improvement, an on-going commitment to customer service excellence, and the promotion of new technology and industry standards. Because our automotive supplier vertical requires rapid responsiveness to OEM and Tier 1 EDI transaction, Barcode label and lot control requirements, we further commit ourselves to understanding, developing and deploying these requirements in an ongoing, responsive manner.

The Business That We Are In

AIM has been servicing the automotive supplier market for twenty years. AIM’s manufacturing offering is directly tied to the automotive industry’s requirements for suppliers. Initially, AIM created their first repetitive manufacturing product by merging the best in breed concepts of MRP II and the unique needs of direct and indirect suppliers to Ford, GM and Chrysler. These supplier mandated requirements were centered around automotive EDI [just in time, releases, line sequencing, and many others], barcode labels and lot tracking. Our tightly integrated combination of MRP II, repetitive manufacturing, and supplier mandated requirements evolved into our present software: AIM Vision®.

Repetitive manufacturers make up the automotive supplier niche market that AIM services. These manufacturers fabricate steel, plastic, rubber and other primary materials into parts, components, and small assemblies. In most cases, orders for these parts and components range into the hundreds and thousands of units. Repetitive manufacturers usually service the transportation, appliance, consumer electronics and other demanding, high volume industries.

Our customers use fabrication machines that are common in the industry: stamping, injection molding, extrusion and production machining centers represent but a few. Because of this, most of our customers are known by their fabrication expertise- a stamper, an injection molder, an extruder and so on.

Typically, most high volume fabricators create the majority of their production schedules by working with customer releases against one or more blanket purchase orders. Because of this, AIM Vision®’s repetitive manufacturing solution was historically known as a Release Accounting System. Our AIM Vision® solution is also a flow management system, due in part to its capability to review and schedule production over a large variable demand forecast window, where demand smoothing is facilitated. Individual releases for the same or mix of parts across all orders are automatically grouped together in the variable demand window to generate a production schedule with optimum utilization of equipment and schedule adherence.

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