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A developer of business management software.

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AHG is a business software developer. Our solutions connect business ERP systems and databases with web and mobile clients, automate ordering and inventory management, enabling organizations to consistently provide best service, reduce operating costs and improve controls and infrastructure utilization.

From their foundation in 1994, AHG has been developing web-based software connected to internal systems and databases. In 1995 AHG’s e-commerce application was the first off-the-shelf solution that brought e-commerce functionality to many small, medium-size and, later, large businesses. Their e-commerce systems are currently in use by a variety of medium-size and large organizations, connecting in real-time to customers’ databases and ERP systems, managing orders, fulfillment, inventory, and running reports. Based on our e-commerce, ERP and database management experience, we branched into adjacent areas creating a successful document management system for printers (Printer Diamond) and specialized knowledge management systems.

Since 2009 AHG has been working with mobile software, bringing their expertise in client/server data exchange to mobile apps for businesses. Mobile applications that we create fit into company’s business flow, integrating and exchanging data with the remote databases and internal software systems. AHG’s areas of expertise include mobile commerce, inventory management, business collaboration and productivity. Mobile applications created by AHG are used by businesses, universities and even dairy farmers.

AHG is one of the few mobile developer companies with background in business software. Our background gives us a wider view and deeper understanding of the business workflow and how mobile applications can fit into it and solve problems. They believe that software organizations need tools and foundation to be able to adjust their products to their clients workflow instead of the other way around.

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