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The Inventory system has been designed for all types of users. It is comprehensive yet extremely flexible.

Valuations are performed based on Average, FIFO or Lot Numbering. The operator has full inquiry capability into all files, including History. Interfaced with Order Entry/Point of Sale, Accounts Receivable, Production and Sales Analysis, the Inventory System forms part of a complete Order Processing System.


  • Mulitiple branches up to 999
  • Inventory Groups and Minor Groups allow you to segement products and services based on your business needs
  • Brands are assigned to Products to assist in Manufacturer specific reports
  • Common Product Numbers throughout the enterprise.
  • Products can be mass loaded into branches via a utility
  • Nutrient information is entered on Product to allow agronomy blending in Order Entry
  • Products are tracked as weighted (lb, ton, cwt) or non-weighted (pint, quart, gallon, each, etc.)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Perpetual Inventory:

"Perpetual Inventory" is part of the AgTrax Software line of products, developed by AgTrax Technologies.