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AgriSoft|CMC’s Trucking Module interfaces with the Dispatch Module to store and maintain key information for long haul tractors, trailers and gear. The module can produces a Truck P&L Report which includes information on miles, income, fuel dollars, repairs, thruway costs, expenses per mile, and profit or loss per mile. All reports can be generated weekly, or for combinations of weeks on single vehicles, or consolidated.

Features include

  • Tracks miles per gallon.
  • Tracks mileage by state and turnpike.
  • Produces retail fuel report.
  • Produces driver’s pay report.
  • Stores Driver’s Code, Name, and Pay Percentage.
  • Maintains Fuel Station Master Records.
  • Bill of Lading data includes Miles, Charges, Expenses, and Income.
  • Tracks fuel & oil by quantity, and dollars by truck, and company.
  • Tracks repair orders, by truck, trailer, gear, company, and vendor.
  • Generates total company truck P & L’s.
  • Generates individual truck P & L’s.
  • Generates individual trailer and gear P & L’s

Other Applications

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"Trucking" is part of the AGRISOFT ERP line of products, developed by AgriSoft|CMC.