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The Payroll Module handles all HR/Payroll-related functions for quick, easy creation of paychecks, and for processing of all other payroll-related functions. Checks can be created for standard hourly and salary pay, as well as for piece work pay commonly seen in the animal agricultural industry (such as pay per number of birds vaccinated, tons delivered, or eggs picked up). Federal and state taxes, FICA and other withholdings are automatically calculated, and Vacation and Sick Pay hours are tracked and updated. The module interfaces with the General Ledger allowing automatic posting of payroll-related entries.

Features include

  • Built in system control options customize Payroll system to your needs.
  • Includes separate Executive Payroll with higher level of security.
  • Allows for single or batch processing to simplify timecard input.
  • Payroll checks can be generated for any specific period of time.
  • Automatic accumulation and tracking of pension, sick, and vacation hours.
  • Operator configurable, Local, State, and Federal Tax Tables.
  • Interfaces with General Ledger for automatic posting.
  • Handles piece rates, multiple pay rates, shift differentials, over-time, housing allowances, etc.
  • The system allows you to generate ALL needed tax reports (Quarterly Federal, State, Local, etc.).
  • W-2’s can be generated on forms or Magnetic Media.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll:

"Payroll" is part of the AGRISOFT ERP line of products, developed by AgriSoft|CMC.