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The AGILIRON Integrated Business Management Suite seamlessly integrates the management of multiple E-Commerce channels to the Back-Office and Front-Office modules.

The online channels could include:

  • One or more Fully integrated B2B and B2C AGILIRON Web Store(s) hosted by AGILIRON
  • One or more Remote Web Store(s) hosted by your solution provider
  • Online marketplaces like eBay…the supported marketplaces will expand in the future

The unified management of one or more of these channels that the business participates in is accomplished through the following high-level steps:

  • Choose which products to sell thru which channel…upload the pictures, inventory, descriptions only once
  • Select the appropriate pricing for the channel - sale or auction formats (depending on the supported formats in the respective channel)
  • Transactions from all channels are captured in real time - Orders, Customers
  • Use the Back-Office and Front-Office modules for order management, payment, fullfillment, customer support and accounting processes
  • Addition or experimentation of new sales channels and reaching new customer marketplaces has never been easier!


AGILIRON B2B and B2C Web Store

  • Hosted by AGILIRON
  • Hosting cost included in AGILIRON service subscription pricing
  • One vendor to go to for all your solution needs
  • Tighter integration with AGILIRON Back-Office and Front-Office modules
  • Complete mapping of Product Catalog, Pricing and other feature sets to Web Store
  • Do not have to maintain, learn and support two different systems as they evolve over time

Remote Web Store

  • Hosted by Your Web Store Solution Provider
  • Integrate seamlessly with AGILIRON ECommerce ERP Back-Office and Front-Office modules, take advantage of AGILIRON interface for product catalog management, product pricing, order management, fulfillment, accounting and other functions
  • Retain your investment in current store implementation and employee training
  • Less disruption to your business and customers of current store
  • Focus on capabilities that bring immediate value to business as opposed to replacement of existing working solutions - quick transition & ROI, transition existing solutions over time as it makes sense for your business

eBay Marketplace & eBay Stores

  • One click access to the large eBay marketplace as a sales channel in AGILIRON system
  • Integrate seamlessly with AGILIRON Back-Office and Front-Office modules
  • Take advantage of AGILIRON interface for your listing and monitoring progress of bids
  • Support for all pricing formats - Chinese/Dutch auctions, Fixed Prices, Reserve, Buy it Now
  • Real-time capture of customer queries, completed transactions, customer feedback

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Online Sales Channel:

"Online Sales Channel" is part of the Agiliron line of products, developed by Agiliron.