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In early 1992, the founders of Agile Access Control, Inc. developed a fleet management solution for managing a small fleet in San Jose, California. They had no idea that initial effort would evolve into FleetCommander, a web-based fleet management solution deployed in government, university, and commercial fleets throughout the United States. Today, our clients have fleets ranging in size from only 9 vehicles up to thousands of vehicles per fleet.

Our wonderful fleet manager clients, spread across diverse types of fleets, optimize use of their vehicles and staff using FleetCommander on a daily basis. We get great satisfaction in seeing hard data that demonstrates the effectiveness of FleetCommander. A particular joy is seeing costs reduced while customer surveys show driver satisfaction going up! Despite our successes, we’re not done yet. Our staff is continuously enhancing our product offering to further increase the value of FleetCommander.

Mission Statement

Agile Access Control is a manufacturer of fleet and motor pool management solutions for government, educational, and commercial environments. We differentiate ourselves and strive to become the preferred fleet management and key control supplier to customers by developing highly configurable fleet, motor pool, and key control solutions that maximize an organization’s efficiency.

Product Lines

  • FleetCommander

    A web-based fleet management solution designed by Agile.

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