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Agile Engineering Collaboration

A multi-module management system designed by Agile Software for engineering companies.
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Agile Engineering Collaboration addresses the specific requirements of the engineering organization, ensuring that development processes and engineering best practices are fully leveraged throughout the product lifecycle and across the extended enterprise.

Agile Engineering Collaboration helps companies accelerate revenues, reduce costs, and drive innovation by providing:

  • Secure, enterprise access to disparate design data
  • A real-time interactive environment for early lifecycle design collaboration
  • Design to enterprise objectives and strategies
  • IP management, control and visibility of product content across the extended enterprise
  • Comprehensive Solution Suite for the Engineering Organization

Agile Engineering Collaboration™ offers a suite of solutions to ensure that engineering processes are fully leveraged throughout the product lifecycle and to drive engineering best practices across the enterprise.

Agile Design Analytics™

Agile Design Analytics provides a rich decision support platform, which enables engineers to select the right components for new products, eliminating delays due to component shortages, component quality problems, supplier issues, and the inability to obtain the selected components.

Deploying a design analytics solution ensures that products are designed right to market, enabling design teams to make informed business decisions based on product quality, supply, cost and manufacturability.

Agile Design Collaboration™

Agile Design Collaboration provides a collaborative workspace for engineers to share designs with other engineers, purchasing, marketing, operations and suppliers to obtain critical feedback prior to design release.

The solution enables anyone with privileged access to initiate a design review at any time, capturing session results in the product record history for later review. Design and supplier reviews can be live with multiple participants working together simultaneously or offline with participants engaging at their convenience. Design collaboration minimizes the number of design-prototype iterations, reducing product release delays and increasing labor efficiencies.

Agile Engineering Desktop™

The Agile Engineering Desktop solution extends the Agile enterprise PLM platform to the design application desktop enabling designers and engineers to access and manage the product record directly from their native design authoring environments.

Users can access, modify and save design data (mechanical CAD, electrical CAD, software, firmware and technical publications) in the Agile enterprise product record, providing a single heterogeneous view of product data regardless of its source.

Agile Engineering Desktop decreases time to market by streamlining the product release process, increases operational efficiency between engineering, configuration management and operations, and ensures that what has been designed is what gets manufactured.

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