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With AgentProphet’s tax preparation capabilities you can ensure that you are withholding the necessary money for your end of year taxes. You are able to make quarterly withholdings accurately, no longer needing to estimate what the appropriate amount to withhold is. Additionally, AgentProphet gives you the ability to accurately perform deductions from your withholdings. AgentProphet will allow you to perform complicated deductions allowing you to save unlimited sums of money. Examples of deductions able to be performed by AgentProphet are: 50% deductions for client meals, deductions up to $25 for client gifts, and mileage deductions. With AgentProphet you can assure you are paying the IRS exactly what you need to pay, no more, no less.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Individual Income Tax Preparation:

"Individual Income Tax Preparation" is part of the AgentProphet line of products, developed by AgentProphet.