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In an industry where nearly 30% of all participants vacate every year due to improper cash management, it is vital for you to have accurate cash management and commissions tracking. The ability of AgentProphet to manage your commissions and cash flow allow you to project your sales and accurately deduct your expenses ahead of time. This forward view is vital to managing your real-estate endeavors, giving you a picture of when and how much you are going to be paid. With AgentProphet you can view your cash flow three months in advance, and identify customers that are either taking too much time or costing too much money. It will also tell you all expenses incurred while closing a sale, allowing you to see how much money you actually made on said sale.

In order to accurately calculate commissions and your individual profit, you must be able to accurately track your expenses. AgentProphet is designed specifically for you, with features that allow you to track the unique expenses of your real-estate operations. You are given the ability monitor ROI on all of your advertising expenditures (e.g. signs, flyers, newspaper ads, etc.). By monitoring your ROI on advertising you can eliminate non-profitable advertising and focus more money on profitable advertising. Furthermore, AgentProphet can tie expenses with individual clients you serve, allowing you to see if the efforts you are making for each client is paying off.

Finally, AgentProphet tracks withholdings and monitors splits allowing you to protect yourself from, find, and reconcile discrepancies between you and your broker. With AgentProphet you can receive vital commission and cash flow information, with minimal input information required by you.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Cash Flow Monitoring:

"Cash Flow Monitoring" is part of the AgentProphet line of products, developed by AgentProphet.