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The stock number is generated from a 2 or 3 segment code. Size range is optional. Users can define as many size ranges as needed.

Both 6 or 12 size slot version of PERFECT FIT are also available.

The Orders button will open a window with a list of all open orders for this item. Double Clicking this list will open the Order Window to that order.

The Other Data pop-up menu provides many more subsidiary windows to track inventory and style information, including pictures, specification sheets, notes, prices lists, and special processing conditions.

The Lists buttons will allow the user to drill down to see the source of these numbers.

Reports with this information are available for all styles or for a user defined set of styles. Any of the lines shown above can be included or suppressed, so the user can print a compact report with only the information they need for their job.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Finished Inventory:

"Finished Inventory" is part of the Apparel Manufacturing Software - PERFECT FIT line of products, developed by AG Systems.