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AFS Technologies

A developer of management software designed for mid-market businesses.

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AFS Technologies is the only end-to-end solution provider to the Food & Beverage and CPG Retail industry offering a powerhouse of complementary solutions that can streamline key business processes, provide value at every point of the supply chain, and deliver the eye-opening benefits of world-class integrated solutions with proven best practices.

All of the AFS core solutions can be seamlessly integrated with AFS Business Intelligence software for enhanced business intelligence insights and analytics. Discovery™ G2 is a portable, rapidly deployed solution that delivers deep and relevant insight anywhere, any time and on any device enabling instant analysis of your business performance across any set of dimensions.

  1. Quickly drill down into item-level transactions
  2. Uncover the most profitable selling and promotional activities, optimize customer profitability, assess cost-to-serve and expose emerging business issues before they become critical
  3. Leverage predictive analytics
  4. Three unique platforms, including web, mobile or offline application

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