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The Job Jacket is the central point for all activities. Create your own job jacket templates that allow you to open and track projects based on the type of work being done. Store multiple versions and revisions and access all project-related information from a single location. Use the job jacket to track and monitor workflow.

  • Alerts & Assignments
  • Documents & Creative Assets
  • Creative Briefs
  • Specifications
  • Work Orders, Change Orders, and your own custom forms
  • Cost Estimates & Vendor Quote Requests
  • Project Schedules & Timelines
  • Purchase Orders
  • Quote vs. Actual Analysis
  • Events


  • Project Schedules are flexible and fit into “your” workflow processes; the work area is completely user-defined.
  • Create schedule details automatically using preset templates, from the approved estimate, or by copying from similar projects.
  • Calculate due dates based on task dependencies throughout the life of the project and make automatic updates based on completion status.
  • Check the Calendar for staff availability first then use ‘quick select’ tools to easily make assignments.
  • Assign staff members to projects by team or role automatically with complete visibility into individual availability.
  • Workload indicators provide warnings on over or under-utilized employees as they are assigned.
  • The Employee Finder takes resource management to the next level by intelligently recommending assignments based on role, availability, existing workload and seniority.
  • Route off-schedule assignments automatically to the appropriate team members using workflow paths you define.
  • Communicate with team members on task, assignments, and project status using Alerts.
  • Review and collaborate at the Project and Task levels and record a history of events that occur.
  • Quickly edit schedules and task details for multiple projects at once using the Multi View and Calendar applications.
  • Employees can update their own task and assignment status with approval by the project manager. Alerts keep everyone informed.
  • You’ll find familiar reports and Gantt charts that are created in seconds to replace anything you may be doing manually.


As projects are completed, perform speedy project updates with automatic and group edits using the Project Schedule Multi View.

  • Re-calculate schedule dates, assign employees, mark tasks complete, and even change assignments for multiple projects at once.
  • Project status is updated automatically based on the current task.
  • Print and send reports in various formats to staff members.
  • Update multiple, related jobs that depend on each other using Job Predecessors.
  • A single click converts your project list to the Calendar, Gantt, Timeline, and Availability views where you can further analyze and edit details. The Gantt charts display schedules in a simple, interactive view.


The Calendar is totally interactive and can be integrated with your Google or Outlook calendars. It allows for easy editing of the schedule and assignments using the drag and drop feature. Even better, is the Timeline View where you can manage projects and see who is working on what, when.

  • Drag and drop to edit the timeline.
  • Right-click to edit the task and change the assignment or schedule and access other details.
  • View the Calendar for a single employee, a selected department, by role, by client, or job.
  • How many jobs are in the pipeline, and do we have enough staff to complete pending tasks?
  • The Workload view gives you an overview of every project in progress and a status report on hours available.
  • Who is available now, and what are our staffing needs going forward? The Availability chart displays department/team or individual availability for up to a year.
  • Determine who is over-booked, under-booked, or just right. Drill down to view details by employee and make adjustments on-the-fly.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Project Management:

"Project Management" is part of the Advantage line of products, developed by Advantage Software, Inc.